Investing in the next generation

Our state has failed to give the next generation the resources they need to succeed in life. In studies that evaluate quality of education and level of education achieved, South Carolina consistently ranks in the worst ten states. We can do better for the next generation. When elected, I will propose an increase in funding for our schools to invest in areas that get our kids ahead. I will also ensure that taxpayer funding goes to public education and is not shifted away to private education through school vouchers. We need to make sure that our schools and classrooms are properly funded and that every child has an equal opportunity at a quality education. 

We need to focus on literacy for early childhood education to ensure that the entire education process is successful for everyone. I will invest in programs that improve early childhood literacy and make sure that we have enough teachers to start the groundwork of a quality education. 

We must be a state that leads in innovation and technology so I believe in increasing funding of STEM programs, courses, and teachers for all grades k-12. We need to make sure that kids grasp the importance of the concepts taught in school as opposed to just “teaching to the test” to just get kids through school. Education should be a holistic experience that prepares our kids for success outside of the classroom as well as inside the classroom.

Finally, we need to pay our teachers the wages they deserve. Teacher pay should be increased to at least $40,000 a year to start with sufficient annual pay raises to keep our teachers in our state and able to provide for their needs with a living wage. We need to take care of the people who take care of our kids. Teachers should not have to work multiple jobs just to afford to live. 

I will work with educators, school boards, advocates, and experts to make sure that any policy I propose is what works best for the education system. My job is not to tell teachers what to do, my job is to ask them what resources they need to solve the problems at hand. 


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