Diversity and Inclusion

Y'all means all

South Carolina is known for its hospitality. We are a culture that reaches out to neighbors, friends, family, and complete strangers with compassion. Unfortunately, for LGBTQ members the reality is quite often the opposite of compassion. Discrimination is still prevalent in society. I have personally been denied employment because of my orientation. I have had bumper stickers peeled off of my car while I was shopping. Those acts, while insignificant  compared to what other LGBTQ members have faced, both made me feel violated of my rights and empowered to show that members of the LGBTQ community are people that belong here, too. We should not have to fear for our jobs, health, or personal safety because of orientation. This goes for any minority as well, not just LGBTQ. I will be an advocate for everyone. We all deserve equal rights. We are all created equal, one nation under God.


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